I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to MECP, a leading supplier of medical devices in the US and Canada. We specialize in providing top-quality products to hospitals, clinics, government agencies, and healthcare professionals.

our mission is to support the healthcare industry by offering a wide range of medical devices and equipment to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With over 400,000 products in our inventory, we are confident that we can fulfill your requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Extensive inventory of over 400,000 medical devices
  • Competitive pricing with overstock discounts
  • Fast and reliable delivery from warehouses in the US and Canada
  • Customized solutions tailored to your unique needs

For a complete list of our overstock products, please visit . Additionally. This comprehensive list provides detailed information on each product, including prices, descriptions, and availability.


Large adjustable Crutches.

20,000 unit avaible 

Retail $40

Our Price $15


Wealy Safety Syringe

auto retractable

5000 units avaible 

Retail $599 per case

Our Price $299


BD 309646

2900 units available 

Retail $79 per case

Our Price $39.5

We would be delighted to schedule a call or meeting at your convenience to discuss how MECP can support your medical device requirements and help you achieve significant cost savings. Please reply to this email with your preferred contact information, and one of our representatives will promptly reach out to you.

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